Survey “R&D needs in European book publishing”

By TISP network

Innovation is of great importance to book publishers: almost three quarters (77%) of the over 120 respondents to a Europe-wide qualitative survey said they are developing new products and services. However, there are several barriers limiting the ability of publishers … Continue reading

What do publishers need in order to innovate?

By Enrico Turrin

On October 8th took place the EU stakeholder workshop ‘What do publishers need in order to innovate?’, organised jointly by the TISP project and the NEM initiative (New European Media, the European Technology Platform dedicated to media and creative industries), to … Continue reading

Business models for e-publishing

By Christoph Bläsi

This paper classifies the common revenue models for digital versions of books across different market segments, from ´reader/user pays´ to the so-called lead generation, where readers/users ´pay´ with detailed information about themselves (and their company). Zooming out to look at … Continue reading

New business models in publishing: start-ups and their strategies

By Nina Klein

What publishing can learn from start-ups With mass-market e-readers available on a large scale, digitization has long reached mass market book publishing, as well, having already conquered other creative industries like music and press publishing. Traditional definitions of books no … Continue reading

Toward a content experience

By Frank Salliau

First of all, what’s your job? I’ve been working for the past 5 years with the Flemish sector federation as IT-manager where I was involved with several digital aspects within the book profession, from metadata to digital book promotion … Continue reading

ICCHP: Challenges to tackle and perspectives for joint cooperation in e-book accessibility

By Enrico Turrin

In the framework of ICCHP (International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs), the international conference devoted to accessibility, the ‘Voices from the industry: experiences and future challenges for publishing and ICT in e-book accessibility’ TISP workshop featured presentations … Continue reading

Is Creative enough? Future proof skills and publishing’s place in the creative landscape

By Roger Tagholm

The Tech Tuesday concept, launched by the London Book Fair, is designed as a series of informative networking evenings, bringing together selected panelists from the publishing industry and offering an insight on how publishing business develops and thrives in the digital … Continue reading


Bulgaria, United Kingdom and USA
ICT for academic, educational and non-fiction publishing

As humans, we are interested in things in the world: people, places, events. Content management systems try to approximate these interests by putting content into broad topics and categories like Sport, Politics, History, et cetera, but these are gross mechanisms … Continue reading