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Quibee is a startup born June 2015 in Turin, Italy which developed a SaaS proximity marketing platform to boost interactions between brands and their customers, geolocally through ibeacon technology. Quibee|Enjoy Reading, gathers publishers (RCS Media Group for newspapers/magazines, Rizzoli for books … Continue reading

Bill Kasdorf

The EDUPUB Summit: A Progress Report

By Bill Kasdorf

The recent EDUPUB Summit—hosted by the IMS Global Learning Consortium in partnership with the IDPF at the IMS’s quarterly meeting in Baltimore on February 25—was an occasion to note continued significant progress in the EDUPUB initiative. A Look Back and a Fresh Look Forward Paul … Continue reading

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Digital publishing

protoTYPE is a project launched by the German Booksellers and Publishers Association in association with several universities like HDM Stuttgart in which experienced mentors guide young innovators through the process of conceptualizing a new product or service for the publishing … Continue reading