The Smart Book

How to foster the dialogue between publishing and ICT? Where to find a real space for exchange and analysis about innovation in digital publishing?

A concrete answer comes from the Smart Book, the open web resource for publishing and ICT professionals launched in the framework of the EU funded network TISP (Technology and Innovation for Smart Publishing).


At the Smart Book’s core are the business cases: examples of cooperation between ICT and publishing such as development of new services in the book sector with technological value, interesting start-ups and business initiatives boosting the dialogue between the two communities and highlighting needs from publishers that are met with a technological solution.

The Smart Book is continuously updated with reviews of relevant events organised within the network, market studies and interviews with  international professionals of both worlds in order to have a full coverage of the key trends and topics in the publishing and ICT world.

For the submission of business cases and articles and for all editorial enquiries about the TISP Smart Book, please contact the editorial team at:

To keep updated on TISP initiatives, seminars and events, follow us @tispnetwork and join the TISP Linkedin Group.


The Smart Book editorial team


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