Policy Recommendations final edition


The main aim of the Policy Recommendations is to provide the European Commission with suggestions on how support collaboration between the publishing industry and the ICT sector at EU level to create a healthy EU market for innovative content and technological solutions aimed at competing in a more and more global environment; several recommendations also address policy-makers at national level.

The recommendations are the result of an extensive dialogue between the communities of book publishers and ICT providers and draw inspiration from wider discussions held at TISP events, the business cases collected within the project as well as the experiences and reflections of the project partners; several external experts of digital publishing were also involved.

The document is structured on three levels: first there are some high level general recommendations, followed by a number of recommendation about various horizontal policies, including facilitating access to research; finally, a third level presents specific areas in which supporting research would be of interest for the book sector. The second and third levels are therefore more practical and concrete; however, suggestions for possible projects or tools and examples of best practices are given wherever possible throughout the document.

While the premises of the first edition of the recommendations still stand, the present edition is an advanced version, offering substantial enrichment of the document (with focused priorities, examples and more concrete proposals and examples of best practices).

Download TISP Policy Recommendations – final edition

DOI: 10.17400/SB-2016-03-01

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