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mEDRA is a SME created with the clear purpose to bring together ICT and publishing in a single environment and build an integrated team comprising publishing and business oriented profiles and IT oriented profiles. Launched in 2004 as joint venture by AIE, the Italian Publishers Association, and Cineca, the Interuniversity Computing Centre, mEDRA operations started with the set-up of the DOI® Registration Agency, that gives the name to the company and is still one of the services provided. As DOI Agency, mEDRA provides the DOI registration service  to publishers in EU market, both directly and through the partnership with MVB in the German linguistic area. mEDRA has increasingly enhanced the range of DOI-based services for the publishing sector such as Cross linking and Cited – by services for Italian STM and academic publishers, achieved by setting up a system for interoperability with CrossRef DOI Agency; the Actionable ISBN (ISBN-A) registration service, based on the integration between the DOI and ISBN standards and currently provided by the Italian and German ISBN Agencies. mEDRA is the technological provider for the Italian ISBN Agency and for the OPOCE DOI Registration Agency. mEDRA supported the design and implementation of the whole infrastructure of the ARROW system, that is now an up and running service to streamline rights information management, and the LIA technological platform to increase the number of accessible e-books available on the Italian market for blind and visually impaired readers. mEDRA has been actively involved in national and international initiatives for technological innovation in the publishing sector and is currently participating to RDI project (Rights Data Integration, www.rdi-project.org/) aiming at demonstrating how to efficiently manage and trade intellectual property rights online for any and all types of usage, across any and all types of content, in any and all media


Country: Italy
Sector: ICT
Contact: medra@medra.org