Sector Educational publishing
Target Users Public and private schools, ministries of education, students, teachers, parents
Country Romania
Dimension International
Nature of the initiative Private
Contact Anca Crahmaliuc
Marketing and Communication Manager


SIVECO Romania is the leading Romanian software house and one of the most successful regional leaders in e-learning, e-health, e-agriculture, e-customs, and e-business from Central and Eastern Europe.

The company develops and exports software products and high value added consultancy projects to countries within the European Community, The Middle East, North Africa and the CIS area.

Business needs

Nowadays, the learning environment is changing, and students need a more active approach as teachers need trainings for professional development.
The ministry of Education, teachers and tutors as well as parents are focusing their efforts to ensure that children benefit of quality education, based on global standards. An important step for improving the education is the adoption of e-learning instruments, as complimentary tools, meant to provide efficiency, transparency and fast knowledge transfer.


SIVECO Romania provides educational institutions and governmental organisations with integrated e-learning solutions:

  • large, award-winning library of digital content based on strong pedagogical foundation for teaching, learning and assessment;
  • complex 3-layered systems for training and educational content management;
  • integrated solutions for education management at national or regional level;
  • systems dedicated to school management;
  • information systems dedicated to the national exams administration;
  • educational content developed for cutting-edge technology: 3D content, Multi-touch, Augmented Reality, virtual laboratories;
  • education portals;
  • professional services for schools and ministries of education.

Ael Content 

AeL eContent is one of the richest and most attractive collections of educational content in the world, comprising 45,000 individual Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs), for tens of teaching subjects.

AeL eContent arouses creativity and learning by discovery and prevents students from mechanical memorizing of information. The educational process is enhanced by a virtual secure environment, controlled by efficient technologies being also intuitive and attractive for students.

The AeL digital content is designed for specific pedagogic scenarios, targets specific didactic objectives and complies with the latest international standards. Localization for any country, translation into any language, correlation with specific education and cultural standards are the main challenges that AeL eContent has been successfully facing in the education area.

eContent for Special Education

SIVECO Romania designed a complex educational content solution to improve the learning process for 140,000 children with special educational needs and their teachers. The solution is based on cutting-edge technologies and is flexible and cost-effective. The portal includes a virtual laboratory based on simulations, experiments, video-clips, animations, all meant to stimulate the children’s natural curiosity and to engage them in a pleasant learning experience, providing guidance and permanent feedback. The content comprises 250 lessons based on 1,500 learning objects for the subjects: Speech and Language Development, Stimulation and Correction, Reading-Writing-Communication, Mathematics, Human and Environmental Studies, Science, Geography and History.

Educational Content for Tablets

Tablets are a modern and accessible way for providing digital content to students, enabling them to study anytime and anywhere. By using tablets, teachers are allowed to use several instructional models that were not available in the traditional, teacher-centered classroom:

  • Computer-based learning: students have access to digital content at any stage in the learning process;
  • Games-based learning: students have access to several educational games, allowing collaboration between them;
  • Flipped Classrooms: students can learn from home using interactive digital content and focus in the classroom on discussions and problem-solving, while still having access to the learning materials

3D Educational Content

The 3D learning objects are almost brought to life in order to engage students in the learning process and to offer any type of learners a personal learning experience. The content is displayed on a glass-less 3D screen, appearing as if it was real. The auto stereoscopic screen allows multiple persons to see spatial images, animations and videos from different perspectives and distances, without using any special glasses.

By developing 3D learning objects, SIVECO Romania holds the necessary expertise to offer students an enhanced learning experience in the classroom. In order to obtain the 3D effect, multiple views (5 to 8) of the same image scenery are used. While looking at the 3D display, each eye catches basically a different view out of these multiple views and the human brain puts together these two different views into a 3D image.

SIVECO is one of the first companies in the world to create 3D educational content displayed on a screen without any kind of glasses.

Digital textbooks

The digital textbooks for “Mathematics and Environmental Exploration” for the 1st grade transform learning in an interactive, attractive and interesting experience, at the same time responding to the needs of children to learn by discovering, on their PC, tablet or even on the smartphone.

In the development process of the textbooks contributed experienced psychologists, eLearning designers, programmers, illustrators and editors. The content was developed by authors with extensive experience in education, as well as in development of textbooks and curricula for primary education.

Virtual Laboratories

SIVECO Romania implemented collaborative virtual laboratories for over 300,000 students in 1,419 high-schools in Romania, functioning exactly as real laboratories. The virtual laboratories allow teachers to combine digital content with experiments in the classroom enabling students to reinforce their theoretical knowledge by engaging them in accurately simulated experiments in a secure environment. The eSchool portal comprises 96 online virtual labs. They allow students to use specific instruments in order to conduct experiments in Chemistry, Physics and Biology in a safe and cost-effective environment. The virtual laboratories are compliant with the pedagogical specifications and the curricula, as well as with the recommendations, standards, norms and specific conventions for designing digital educational content, acquired through repeated psychological research, with regard to ergonomics and functionality.

AeL, the platform for teaching, learning, evaluation and management of the multimedia educational content (LCMS)

Based on modern educational principles, AeL Academic Platform is a modern platform for training and educational content management, dedicated to all educational institutions. AeL is a flexible system and can be used in different languages, regions, across different study levels and types of educational institutions. The platform provides full functionalities for all the participants in the educational process – students, teachers, managers of institutions, administrative staff, as well as parents. The factors responsible for the sustainable development of the educational process benefit through the AeL platform of an adequate support in the areas of decision making, control, planning, prognosis, monitoring and forecasting. The AeL learning platform provides support for teaching and learning, testing and evaluation, digital content management, and management and monitoring of the entire educational process.

AeL Education Manager is a suite of IT-based solutions dedicated to education management. It includes applications dedicated to data collection, analysis and prognosis (AeL Education Analyzer), school network map (AeL School Map) and applications dedicated to the management of national exams.

AeL School Manager provides efficient management of school, by providing information regarding students, teachers, timetables, school administration and statistics. It offers facilities for introducing, visualizing or deleting information in/from the school’s database:

  • timetable: allows the management of the timetables at school level;
  • classes: are associated with the level of study (kindergarten, school, high school, university), the system being customized according to these particularities and including a Virtual catalogue;
  • students: the system supplies all the data about the students enrolled in the school and includes a school report virtual card;
  • teachers: the system supplies all the data regarding teachers employed in the school;
  • organization: the system supplies information about the educational unit;
  • statistics: the system allows special statistics regarding grades, school attendance, school years – for individual or class level.

Other solutions dedicated to improving the educational process

SIVECO Romania provides educational portals, such as:

  • portals for the large audience;
  • specific portals (e.g. special education);
  • governmental portals;
  • regional portals;
  • academic portals – dedicated to a school, high school, university etc.

The role of technology

SIVECO is a pioneer in adopting state-of-the-art technology designed to provide a constantly enhanced learning experience for students. eLearning solutions are developed following many years of research being in accordance with the most advanced didactical and pedagogical methods and the latest technology.

Project-based e-learning for Multi-touch Systems

An innovation brought by SIVECO Romania in education is the AeL educational content developed for multi-touch technology. The system allows full hand or multiple fingers control even by multiple users at the same time. Instead of using a single point input (as for the touch-screen technology) the multi-touch systems enable users to have a more natural interaction with the applications. The multi-touch systems focus on the modern society challenges by elaborating projects that allow the creation of different scenarios approaching the real world.

Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented reality (AR) is a revolutionary technology that defines a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated sensory input. The e-learning solution is based on 3D educational objects for Geography, Physics and Biology which can be experienced in an innovative manner. This technology allows interaction between the user and a virtual object whose motion can be controlled by the user and rendered through digital sensors in real time. Using a camera and a computer, users can manipulate virtual educational objects. Thus, by using just a webcam, students can explore the solar system or analyze full size internal organs, overlapped on their bodies.

Results obtained

The AeL eLearning solutions developed by SIVECO Romania address all the levels of the education system and all the stakeholders involved in the educational process: students, teachers, and parents, decision-makers in the ministries of education, administrative staff, and specialists in education as well as the large audience.

Currently, the AeL eLearning solutions are successfully implemented in over 30,000 schools worldwide, being currently used by 18 million users in countries from Europe, Middle East, North Africa and CIS area.

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