Radovednih pet – The curious five

Sector Educational publishing
Target Users Teachers and pupils
Country Slovenia
Dimension International
Nature of the initiative Private
  • Založba Rokus Klett Publishing
Contact Maruša Kmet
Managing Director
00386 1 5134650


The Curious Five is a blended learning solution for primary school pupils aged 9–10. It is a learning and teaching environment that enables teachers to move gradually from printed to digital textbooks, using a different ratio of printed and digital materials. Teachers can choose the most appropriate option for achieving teaching goals: the ones whose approach to teaching is more traditional can use printed materials only while the more advanced ones have the possibility to use only digital material.

The set features a cross-curricular concept including comprehensive instructions for use in the form of over 700 pages long Teacher’s Book. Since teachers prefer a cross-curricular approach yet are anxious to keep their teaching goals in sight, the Teacher’s Book offers detailed instructions for cross-curricular teaching.


Business needs

A digital revolution is imminent in primary education yet teachers are unprepared for it. Research among teachers carried out by the Ministry of Education has shown that teachers need a gradual transition from printed to digital materials, preferring blended solutions, i.e. printed in combination with digital.

The Curious Five is a fully blended learning solution with different possibilities of use. The combination of print and digital is often very demanding as can easily lose focus of the teaching goals. This requires the publisher to create a very detailed and comprehensive teacher’s guide.

The publishing house carried out additional research to determine what teachers require for better and modern teaching. Results have shown an increasing demand for cross-curricular teaching as well as a common concept (one publisher) for all subjects (saving 50–100 hours of teaching). The publishing house has catered for all this, adding to it detailed instructions in the Teacher’s Book.

The role of the teacher has changed dramatically in the past twenty years since the information revolution swept over the world. They have become motivators, managers, instructors, consultants, mentors and learning facilitators. The times when school was the source of knowledge and information are long gone: teaching has become different and the concept of textbooks has changed. The tools offered and digital materials help teachers to achieve their new roles. What parents expect from the National Authorities for their children is a contemporary, low-cost school that motivates and educates, thereby preparing the children for higher education. The publishing house has developed a solution which is very acceptable pricewise. The set for pupils contains a license fee for digital textbooks.

The Slovenian textbook market is almost closed, because the Ministry of Education has introduced school funds that enable pupils to borrow textbooks for free every year (92% of pupils do so). Slovenian textbook publisher earn money only on account of workbooks. Student books are sold only in a range of 8-10% to those parents who buy student and textbooks to their children and to schools directly when they need to change damaged student books in school funds. The answer to this situation is blended learning set with workbooks and free digital student books.

The Ministry of Education requires teachers to be creative, work with Open Educational platforms and be very independent. However, they fail to realize that this is one way lane. What teachers need are solutions and training. The Curious Five caters for all the demands of the market mentioned above.


As for the Content solution The Curious Five offers:

  • 6 Student’s Books (printed);
  • 6 digital Student’s Books (pdf solution for white boards) HTML5;
  • 6 Student’s Books with elements of workbook (printed);
  • 2 cross-curricular notebooks (printed);
  • 6 fully interactive Student’s Books in HTML5 for tablets, mobiles, PCs.




Social science

Music          Reader


Number  of interactive slides





111                57


Interactive tests and quizzes





333               171







85                 122







3 4


The Teacher’s Book covering over 700 pages also includes lesson plans for each lesson and day.

The main characters have been designed to appeal to the pupils and they each have a particular role, each being an expert in one subject. They encourage one another, help one another, give instructions, advice, tips, etc.

The curious five

Marketing approach with 4P:

  • designing the Product;
  • designing the Price;
  • Place and convenience;
  • new approach to Promotion

It includes teacher in the process of developing the product from the beginning:

  • choosing name and characters;
  • choosing covers;
  • evaluating content;

The presentation of The Curious Five was carried out in the following manner:

  • each school was sent The Curious Five catalogue;
  • short 90-minute presentations were given to teams of teachers at every school;
  • the scheduling of presentations was carried out by a call centre,
  • a four-hour simulation of one school day was given to each school using The Curious Five set.

As for the business model, the basic product is a box with 6 Student’s Books with elements of workbook and password (kode) for digital student books, digital student books are available only in solution with box, student books are also available separately like all other products, distribution is going through bookshops chains.


The role of technology

Publishing houses have changed a lot in the past years by becoming providers of context not only content, by developing teaching and learning solutions and new digital environment in schools. The traditional publishing environment changed by opening new departments.

With The Curious Five the company started to employ new programmers, IT designers and editors for digital materials and to work with computer programming companies, film studios and learning management providers. The aim is to educate all employers about the new context.

New partnerships with a tablet distributer and a technical equipment shopping chain were developed in order to provide additional offer for schools. The offer for digital textbooks has been complemented with an offer for tablets.

The new e-textbooks Rokus Klett offer a broad variety of multimedia interactive content that can be accessed from multiple platforms and devices. They work online on Macs or PCs or offline on tablet computers, such as iPad and Android devices. The technology and design behind the e-textbooks make it possible to adapt the content to different devices and screen resolutions, while also compliant with Scorm standard for usage in different LMS systems. The content is created as XML format with HTML5/Java player.

Results obtained

First year: 16% market share

Second year: 28% market share

Third year: 39% market share

Fourth year: 45% market share


The concept of the project is scalable to Eastern Europe countries because we have very similar curriculum for lower primary school.

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