Sector Digital publishing
Target Users Content providers (publishers, agencies, outsourcing, self publishers)
Country Italy
Dimension International
Nature of the initiative Private
Contact Paolo Giovine


PubCoder is a Desktop Application designed to allow authors, illustrators and publishers to create highly interactive content, and to publish it on all different platforms and tablets with no efforts, without having to write a one single line of code. PubCoder focuses particularly on illustrated books, such as children’s books, travel guides, cookbooks, e-textbooks and non-fiction. Users can stop worrying about programming skills, tablet sizes, different platforms and publish their e-books at a fraction
 of the cost they would have sustained in the past, making it more economically viable.

Thanks to its multi-format approach, publishers  can export their content  as EPUB 3, Kindle Format 8, or as an app for iOS, Android. Under the motto “design once, publish everywhere” PubCoder focuses particularly on EPUB 3 as the primary format for digital publishing as an open standard. This approach allowed to solve the e-book vs. app dilemma for many publishers, as well as empower them to create more products quickly, leveraging the different characters. Creative people can focus again on what they can do best: create great stories and stop worriyng about. PubCoder also offers consulting services to help our partners in the digitalization process.


Business needs

The development of truly enhanced books is hindered by a context where publishers and agencies have to cope with multiple digital formats, walled-garden libraries, different workflows and tools, high development costs as well as a lack of internal resources.

PubCoder offers a cost efficient creation model, with the possibilty to publish on the different platforms and tablets, managing the whole process from the beginning to the end in one single place. As there is no programming skills required, creative people can take back the direct control of the end result.


PubCoder is a digital publishing software solution that greatly reduces production times, costs and simplifies the production workflow. It’s tailored for fast-paced mass production and it’s accessible to creative professionals and self-publishers with no need for specific coding skills.

Users can enrich their stories with fascinating interactions (e.g. touch, swipe, pinch, shake, accelerate), animation effects (e.g. move, scale. rotate, zoom), read aloud, sounds, and even games, puzzels, stickers, questionnaires with single and multiple choices – all completely intuitive. As a plus, advanced users can also use JavaScript, CSS, HTML to enrich their e-books, there is no need to reinvent (or re-code) the wheel.

PubCoder is open to all platforms: Apple, Android, Amazon and the web and is considered one of the best software for the creation of EPUB 3 fixed layout. It’s the most advanced and standardized solution for the production of enhanced e-books and provides a fast workflow from an Indesign file to an EPUB 3.

PubCoder also supports multi-localization and multi-language output and management, which means it's possible to have different localization and languages in the same file.

The system automatically checks if the different interactivity features are working on the selected platforms and gives advices when there are specific platform-related issues.

The role of technology

PubCoder is a desktop client software built in the Xojo programming language. The idea behind PubCoder is to leverage existing standards like the EPUB3 to create content which can be then easily exported in in the different platforms like iBookstore, Readium, as a native iOS and Android app, Kindle, Kobo, etc. In this process PubCoder developed a tool that internalises the complexity of creating enhanced content (no programming skills needed), and at the same time is  powerful and flexible enough to fully empower user to create great digital content or to enhance exising books, without having to stick to templates or other limitating factors.

Results obtained

At the moment PubCoder has more than 2.500 users in 50 countries. Publishers and agencies using PubCoder are able to drammaticaly reduce the cost to produce and maintain complex books and apps. This means better economics and a lower ROI, which led to an increased of produced content

Apple iTunes officially recommends PubCoder as authoring tools and iTunes featured 4 books made with PubCoder in their “Best Books of 2014” in UK and Italy.

PubCoder received a special mention at CONTEC for vision and technolgy at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013, and 4 books were featured in iTunes Best Books of 2014 in UK and Italy.

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