Sector Children and educational apps
Target Users Publishers
Country Belgium
Dimension International
Nature of the initiative Private
Contact Peter Symons
Founder Games With Attitude


OJOO is a global open platform operated from Belgium to digitalize, publish and distribute location-based experiences with an affordable and intuitive toolbox to disrupt traditional solutions, as WordPress did for building websites. OJOO gamifies the world by empowering people with the tools to create new augmented experiences.

Since the early days people have been telling stories and playing games. The digital revolution radically changed the formats that we were used to and offered affordable alternatives. Anno 2015, digital even integrates with our real lives, mixing online and offline worlds where augmented reality offers many opportunities.

Despite these opportunities, two fundamental needs are prevalent for practice: technical knowledge and budget. Lots of organizations and people lack one or both, resulting in a slow adoption of those technologies, poor products or bad user experiences.

That’s why we created OJOO. This mobile and web drag and drop technology allows people and SME’s to easily and affordably create and publish unique digital experiences as citygames, guided tours, maps and audioguides, quizzes, educational games and marketing campaigns.

OJOO screenshot

Ojoo is an affordable answer for the market needs of non-technical people. OJOO democratizes location-based technologies and the digitizing of analog content into apps to individuals and SME’s by offering an intuitive drag and drop technology with focus on adding content. This is similar to WordPress who made website development possible for the mass.

The fact that Ojoo can offer this solution at a very reasonable price in a freemium model is the foundation of our scalable business model. The basic usage of the platform will be free, for more extended features and customization a low-cost subscription system will be implemented. Doing this, we compete with the custom developed solutions and online tools on price with an even more premium product.

Last proposition of OJOO answers the need for customization in digital storytelling. Existing products offer a one fits all solution as where OJOO offers a toolbox that can be fully customized.

Business Needs

Publishers have huge amounts of content (books, travel information, maps, local guides) but fear the investments in transforming digital concepts since not many proven models are available. We offer this sector an affordable and innovative tool to digitalize, publish and monetize their content.

OJOO is globally unique and differs significantly from other existing solutions, since:

  • It will be built with an open platform approach, a marketplace that allows content providers, developers and designers to use, extend and monetize new features;
  • The platform set up on unity has 3 great advantages: it allows co-creation on the central software, the integration of new AR technologies in a single code base is possible and it can be directly deployed on the main operating platforms;
  • It is an affordable answer for the market needs of non-technical people: OJOO democratizes location-based technologies to individuals and SMEs by offering an intuitive drag and drop technology with focus on adding content;
  • It will be available at a very reasonable price in a freemium model: the basic usage of the platform will be free, whereas a low-cost subscription system will be implemented for more extended features and customization;
  • It answers the need for customization in digital storytelling. Existing products offer a one-fits-all solution as where OJOO offers a toolbox that can be fully customized.


The Studio approach of OJOO makes it possible to create many custom solutions and products. Hereby the most common practices:

  • Guided Tours: Publishers of cityguides can digitize their content and add it to the real locations. In this way they offer the buyers of their guides a digital alternative that works offline (important to avoid roaming costs) and guides people from one location to another and provide the most common information they have for that specific location automatically.
  • Educational games: OJOO has a solution to digitize different educational books for children to learn how to read / sing / make puzzle etc. The two main features of this solution consist out of a digital game map (that looks as a real pc game) and secondly the opportunity of adding different missions. In this way we can easily digitize and gamify the existing educational exercise books for kids.
  • Indoor event solutions: OJOO has an indoor solution (using ibeacons) to guide people indoor and to give information + missions on different spots in an event. The product is similar to the guided tour; but indoor, with missions added. An example product was made for the Belgian Bookfair where we guided users to publishers where they had to look for specific books and solve questions about it. Completing this tour resulted in a special price of the organizations.
  • Real life book experiences: A very nice add-on that can be made for (comic books) is real life games. Ojoo transformed comic books (Bob & Bobette) into real life games that can be experienced during a trip. This product is ment to transform the story / books into real life games; using the storylines, real locations and if available (in comic books e.g.).

create new OJOO

The role of technology

The Ojoo technology to create digital mobile experiences exists out of three main technologies:

  • An application to experience the trips, games, guides, quizzes;
  • A webstudio to create and publish the content into digital applications;
  • A marketplace to promote and sell the content to the users.

One stop shop OJOO


OJOO is an innovative start-up who has been building for 2 years on this comprehensive technology and made partnerships and business cases along the way. This resulted in a funding of 1m€ of a private investor.

Main achievements are the more than 15.000 users and over 100 experiences that have been created from guided tours, city games, city maps, indoor games, books transformed into real life stories etc..

For now the Studio offers more than 5.000 combinations to be made for all different kind of purposes.


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