Sector Publishing
Target Users Readers
Country Spain
Dimension International
Nature of the initiative Private
  • Nubico, Telefónica, Circulo de lectores , Planeta
Contact Sonsoles Alfaro


Nubico is a digital reading platform launched in 2013 in Spain and already a reference in the digital market of e-books. The service is a partnership between Telefonica, the biggest comunication company in Spain and Circulo de Lectores, the oldest paper book club of Spain, now headed by the two biggest editorial groups in the country: Grupo Planeta and Grupo Penguin Random House Mondadori.

As a company, the goal is to develop a new concept of digital reading focused on the reader, who can decide where, when and how to read. Free Nubico apps are available for download for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones so users can customize their personal digital library and have it synchronized between all the devices connected to the service.

Business needs

Following the steps of the music and television industry, the platform adapts the subscription model to the editorial market offering to its users unlimited access to their e-book catalog for a monthly subscription.


With Nubico, users pay a small fee each month to read all they want, without limit. All the books are on the cloud and can be accesed from multiple devices without the need of internet connection.

Nubico has developed a comfortable user experience, quick and easy reading both e-readers and tablets, smartphones and computers. In order to do this , they have fully integrated the service in e-readers , allowing them to be closer Nubico users and to offer everyone  the reading experience and purchase directly on the devices.

The role of technology

As for the use of new technologies, the challenges faced by Nubico were an high IT use  for the development phase, the use of big servers for cloud management and a big and actual list of books on the catalogue. That said, the most difficult things in Nubico were the contract with the publishers for this new model with a new reading concept.

The most compelling needs faced by Nubico were cloud services to maintenance all the books in the cloud, with a secure solution for publishers, smartphone development in order to read the books everywhere and on every device, and the web development for selling books and buiding an online library.

Results obtained

Right now the catalog has about 8.000 e-books from more than seventy editorials and available in nine languages: Spanish, Catalan, Galego, Vasque, English,French, German,  Italian and Portuguese.

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