Sector Digital publishing
Target Users Publishing houses, bookstores
Country France
Dimension International
Nature of the initiative Public
Contact Pierre Geslot
Marketing Director, Orange
+33 6 87 72 53 11


MO3T proposes a new way of distributing digital content, that aims to solve the flaws of current distribution models, whether they are integrated or based on a third party DRM. Through organizing the circulation of digital rights between publishers, sellers and personal cloud providers, it provides an Amazon-like user experience (invisible DRM) and allows people to lend and transmit their content and gives the customer a complete freedom of choice among sellers to buy content and among cloud providers (personal libraries) to store their content.  MO3T interconnects players who operate their own businesses independently and never share their customer databases. It’s agnostic to the content types and file formats (books, newspapers, music, movies, multimedia packages, websites etc.) and to the business models (sell-through, rental, subscription, book clubs).

Business needs

MO3T aims to offer a solution in terms of interconnection with publishers and booksellers. Publishers can take advantage of the rights management system to propose innovative offers (multiformats, multimedia, time-limited, bundles, subscriptions). Booksellers and  stores can take advantage of the possibility to sell digital goods in any kind of context (brick and mortar, online, on TV) while being fully interoperable.


This proposal happens to meet the current needs of the publishing industry and the business approach of this particular model could ensure the support of numerous interested parties (online vendors, physical points of sale, supermarkets, publishers of content, device manufacturers, integrators, start-ups).

MO3T defines how the following parties work together to sell any kind of digital goods  : players who provide digital content offers, players who sell them, players who store them in personal clouds. Doing this, it solves  all the existing interoperability issues.

How does it work ? A customer buys a digital content at a store which can be a brick and mortar store . For instance, imagine you go to your bookstore, take a real book in hand, and ask to the desk: 'Can I have it in digital ?'. The publisher and the customer’s cloud providers are informed that the content has been purchased. At this stage, only digital rights circulate, not files. The cloud provider receives the content from the publisher and when the customer wants to read his content, the content is downloaded on his devices, which are synchronized with his content library in the cloud.

Decorrelating the selling stage and the storage and consumption stage can have a significant impacton the market. MO3T lowers the barrier to entry for thousands of vendors : bookshops, supermarkets, TV, blogs, social networks, direct marketing. There's less uncertainty for the customer compared to vertical models (fragmentation of catalogues,  compatibility, lifetime, freedom and respect for privacy). MO3T makes it possible for rights holders to once again create innovative offers and distribute them instantly via thousands of vendors

The concept developed in MO3T can also apply to any type of content or access rights: music, videos, apps, web sites.

The role of technology

MO3T proposes a Global Distribution System that could be compared to Amadeus for travel agencies and airline companies or SWIFT between financial institutions.




It consists of a neutral interconnection platform, a common digital right format which allows to commercialize any kind of content or offer in an interoperable way.

MO3T interoperability needs

Results obtained

A first prototype of the rights management system was created by the 18 members consortium on the French digital book market. More than 40 members have joined the supporting committee of the research project and by now the industrialization process is launched with the creation of a shareholders’ society to rule the worldwide Global Distribution System of MO3T.

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