Sector Educational publishing
Target Users Publishers, school admin, teachers, readers, students
Country United States
Dimension International
Nature of the initiative Private
Contact Harish Agrawal


MagicBox is an end to end cloud based mobile publishing and distribution platform for publishers. It empowers publishers to create, manage and distribute digital content seamlessly across different devices, operating systems and browsers. MagicBox allows publishers to:

  • create digital content from scratch or make their existing content more interactive by adding videos, audio, quizzes / tests, images and other supplementary material to it;
  • facilitate online sales using a white-labeled content store and a purchase order process for institutional sales to libraries, schools and corporates;
  • integrate with a powerful License management engine and a Digital Rights management technology to ensure their content is secure and is used only by readers who have bought the content.
  • easily manage content i.e. add content, change pricing / description of products, publish and unpublished content;
  • create assessments and assignments to their contents or use it as stand alone products.

Business needs

Publishing industry is fast moving from traditional paper books to digital learning. More schools, libraries and corporates are now demanding and adopting e-learning technologies that come with immense benefits in cost saving and enhanced learning. At the same time, smart phones and tablets are increasingly becoming most used digital devices by users of all age groups. Publishing industry therefore, is increasingly being challenged to supply digital products in new formats such as HTML5, simulation, EPUB, videos, assessments and at the same time make it accessible across all devices and platforms. This is posing following challenges to the publishing industry:

  • digital development is not a core competency of publishers who many times face difficulties with where to start in their “Go Digital” strategy;
  • mobile technology development is complicated and expensive and publishers don’t have internal technical capabilities;
  • how to support all major OS, web and the range of tablets and fragmented mobile technologies sold today;
  • which are the mechanisms for selling mobile products to consumers and institutions;
  • how do publishers protect their content (digital rights management);
  • how licensing and distribution is handled in the digital world;
  • how do publishers ensure their content is accessible offline;
  • how to use technology and user analytics to improvise learning and the content.


MagicBox is a one-stop solution for publishers that empowers them to create, manage, distribute digital content without a significant technology cost or knowledge. It allows publishers to create and enhance their content and add quizzes, videos, image galleries and audio to content without any help from technology team. It works on anytime, anywhere and anyone foundation which ensures the content appears on all platforms and devices. It also takes away the pain of OS up gradation across all platforms. MagicBox engineering team continuously keeps adding support for multiple new devices and operating systems as they are launched. It is a cloud hosted white-labeled solution: since this, publishers brand does not get diluted. Publisher controls the user’s experience. It's a working product; it is always maintained and upgraded by the MagicBox team. MagicBox offers a very secure and robust encryption technology to ensure that content is very secure. It also offers publishers a very flexible and robust Licensing management module that allows their sales teams to configure and sell different types of licenses.



The role of technology

MagicBox is a cloud based platform hosted on Amazon cloud server. Its server is built using robust Spring MVC architecture. On the client side MagicBox mobile app for Apple iPad is completely built using native Objective C code. It works on all Android tablets as well - Android code is written in Java. Using native technology helps MagicBox in achieving highest level of performance.

Results obtained

MagicBox is being used by thousands of students and schools across United States and Europe. Publishers who had only flash based CD rom content used MagicBox to take their product mobile. One of the publishers has over 450 titles hosed on their custom branded platform. It has already received 6X return on its investment on MagicBox.

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