Sector Educational publishing
Target Users PC, tablets
Country Romania
Dimension National
Nature of the initiative Public
Contact Cosmin Pachiu
General Manager


LiveStudies is an innovative interactive platform that facilitates synchronous interaction between participants from remote locations in a mutual workspace designated for Education, Tutoring, Training and Business. The participants can interact in real time (audio/video) and their actions are replicated on all connected devices.

Business needs

LiveStudies aims to bring people together in the online world by easing interaction and collaboration from different locations, in a natural and intuitive way by developing an online platform that offers face-to-face, synchronous and collaborative communication between remote contributors, working in the same virtual room, using touch technologies.

It aims to broaden the geographical coverage and the market share of the educational institutions, reducing costs, saving time and experiencing the same human interaction as in the face-to-face educational experience.


As for Education, the solutions provided are:

  • Virtual classroom for live sessions from multiple locations;
  • All the participants can work together on the same virtual blackboard;
  • All the participants can interact with the professor or with each other;
  • Storing the entire lecture for future reference.

As for Tutoring, the solution is a real time interaction using fixed or mobile devices. The participants can work together on the same virtual notebook and on individual virtual notebooks. There are 'Save', 'Replay', 'Resume' and 'Edit' functions for the existing tutoring session.

As for Training, it's possibile to perform remote trainings with participants from different locations, working simultaneously together on the same virtual device. All the participants can read, write and draw on the same electronic notebook.

As for Business, there's a virtual meeting room for live sessions from multiple locations and simultaneous collaboration on the same virtual flipchart or whiteboard. Entire sessions are stored for future references.

The role of technology

LiveStudies is a collaborative environment based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud that offers real time interaction between clients located all over the world using Widows PC’s or iOS Tablets.

It’s focused on live collaboration and interactivity but it also provides uniquely developed instruments, dedicated to online education. Those instruments are:

  • multipage tutoring sessions;
  • private and shared workbook for tutor and student;
  • possibility to save, replay and resume the tutoring session for each student or tutor;

LiveStudies offers multiple tools that are also very useful to tutors and students – like multimedia library, writing recognition and search, saving sessions as pdf files, multiple drawing tools and a lot of other interesting stuff for teachers and students.

Results obtained

The project is in an early stage. Different test pilots used as a proof of concept were implemented in Romania.

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