Sector Digital publishing
Target Users Micro SMEs – SMEs – Corporate department – National and International administrations
Country Belgium
Dimension International
Nature of the initiative Private
Contact Yves Monsel


Libredoc is a Belgian startup developing a software, an innovative publishing solution built for the future, LibreDoc. LibreDoc is not another CMS since it replaces the rigidity and the complexity of existing solutions by the power of artificial intelligence to create an automatic layout.

Layout should totally be automated and copywriters may spend 60% of their time in layout works. Complex Wysiwyg solutions and templates are dead because the future is for automated layout.

Layout by intention Automatic layout maked real

Layout by intention. Automatic layout maked real

Business needs

According to InfoTrends, 90% of SME's would like to go digital. This is not only for marketing documents: LibreDoc addresses a quick growing need: digital publishing made easy, flexible and low cost for any common business documents.

All companies, including SME's, have internal and external communication needs. They want to be able to create with ease and flexibility a rich, interactive, and quickly adaptable content. This is why these companies want to have digital versions of their common business documents to simplify the management (publishing, versions, updates, distribution) and increase the functionalities (reliability, interactivity, personalisation, contextualisation).

Common business document: document whose content is more important than its form. All companies publish and manage those documents for their internal and external communications. Examples: work regulations, procedural documentation, user and safety guides, training manuals, service offers, audits and financial reports, catalogues… Functional documents consist of business content.

Complexity is outdated, it is time for a simple digital document building solution. A solution with clear specifications:

  • rock bottom price;
  • easy to produce;
  • print, digital, Web or App, it does not matter;
  • made of reusable blocks of content, easy to version,  to combine,  to update;
  • highly customisable to suit different reader profiles;
  • fully interactive  with rich media;
  • available on any platform, any screen,  online or offline,  for all departments;
  • auto update: last version available online anywhere, anytime;
  • no special or enhanced reader software required, just a modern browser.

What is at stake is an effective and productive business communication for all departments and not only "marketing communication” since today the need to digitise paper-based documents impact all levels of all departments and the benefits would be seen outside and inside the entire company as well.


LibreDoc is made of four key components:

  • LibreDoc is based on a universal format (Open Web Standards) that can be exported according to many specific needs: EPUB, PDF, WebApp, and smartphone apps (ios or android);
  • LibreDoc is an editor of a different kind based on a new approach: layout by intention.
 With LibreDoc content owners or editors can keep their focus on their business content (contenus métiers). To produce a layout, LibreDoc only asks for two bits of information:
    • the content structure;
    • the desired impact upon the reader.

Layout by intention means layout for laymen. In other word the layout can be handled without any design technical knowledge and with the greatest flexibility. Any business owner or editor have the required skills to define the content structure and the impact desired.

LibreDoc Editor propose an easy-to-use user interface to achieve the tasks: outlining the structure and inserting impact tags.

layout by intention

  • LibreDoc Engine takes responsibility for the layout process. Interpreting the structure and intention tags, it calculates the layout accordingly. This is what we call the magic of building. LibreDoc engine can manage seemlessly the relation text/image and it is one of its major asset.
Libredoc includes and will include more widgets that automate things like:
    • Interactive mapping;
    • Quiz;
    • Toc.

The editor is fully absolved of the layout burden. This is why LibreDoc creates digital documents in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost without any significant technological knowledge.

  • LibreDoc will be available in SaaS mode. LibreDoc is already available for our internal needs for our publishing company. Today it is experimentaly made available for two of our main customers (National Education in France and European Commission in Brussels). It will be also installable on premise of our customers.

The role of technology

LibreDoc is a cloud SaaS platform entirely based on Open Web Technologies (client side as server side), not based on proprietary technologies. The SaaS platform is developed on, a new emerging single-app framework concurrent to Angular 2.0. The backend relies on node.js technologies to offer fast access and multithread capacities. This is a perfect environment to integrate collaborative functionalities like online sharing, simultaneous accesses and editions, etc.

A LibreDoc e-book can be read on any device, any OS, any screen (from a smartphone to any desktop). All built extracts use simple semantic-like HTML. The CLEs (Core Layout Element) used by the engine in the rendering routine are developed in HTML and dynamic template syntax (like mustache.js). The responsiveness is currently delivered by Bootstrap.


LibreDoc has reached the state of a Minimum Viable Product (prototype) ready for internal productions. It demonstrates that the new publishing paradigm is working. It has already produced four final digital publications and other commercial demos.

Sales: 3 LibreDoc eBooks at the European Commission – ongoing process for a 4th one.

LibreDoc will be installed in April 2016 for production in EUSA (European Commission).

Partnerships: with the National Education (France) and with the European Commission.

Libredoc partners

Marketing plan: Innovation and SaaS marketing strategy.

The marketing strategy is built on a deep understanding of the very nature of LibreDoc:

  • a new digital publishing solution which is a major innovation;
  • a SaaS solution that make traditional marketing approach obslolete.

LibreDoc main objective is to get the product "sell itself". This is achievable if all aspects of the business are tightly-coupled: product, revenue model,  promotion, marketing, customer acquisition, support... This integration is demonstrate in our Business plan.

A full description of the LibreDoc project is available in this white paper.

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