Sector Educational gaming
Target Users B2C, primary school pupils & parents, primary schools teachers
Country Belgium
Dimension National - Flemish region
Nature of the initiative Private
  • Die Keure
Contact Vicky Vermeulen
e-learning publisher

Summary (‘Kweetet’ is a Flemish abbreviated slang expression for ‘I know it’) is a full 3D educational game platform, targeted towards primary school pupils. The game is developed and published by Die Keure, a Flemish educational publisher.

Die Keure has experience with educational gaming. In 2011 they received the European MEDEA-award for their educational gaming series ‘Monkey Tales’. From their experience with the Monkey Tales game, the publisher conducted a 2-year research project Games@School concerning educational gaming aspects.

From this research the publisher concluded that gaming context was a strong learning motivator for pupils, enabling them to learn more efficiently. More important, the pupils’ attitude towards learning improves greatly through educational gaming.

From this research emerged the new educational gaming platform


In order to motivate children, the game has to be similar to the games they play at home. In order to do this, the publisher created a 3D-environment with a full epic story, with adventures spanning the 6 years of primary school of which the first adventure will be released on September 2014. The main story in this game is about a detective school.

In the detective school the pupils have to perform certain educational tasks, including homeworks and exercises. Upon succesful completion of each task, they earn virtual game coins. With this virtual currency, they can improve their avatar, open certain doors or embark on new adventures. runs as a secure and safe online environment. The pupil is able to access the game from anywhere at any time, after explicit permission of one of their parents. Parents and teachers can also have accounts on the platform, enabling them to monitor the pupils progress.

The game has been developed with support from the Game Fund (Gamefonds), VAF, iMinds and IWT. has been presented at the Flemish Ministry of Education on January 23rd. Than the platform run in beta for two months. On March 20th the gaming platform has been officially launched towards schools and parents and the first adventure games opens 2014 September 1st.

Business needs

The educational publisher expands their business from traditional educational publishing into educational gaming. Research shows that learning is more effective and more rewarding through educational games.

Results obtained

During 2 months beta (March 20th and June 30th 2014), more than 23,000 pupils from were registered on the platform. From September 2014, teachers from 200 schools (and counting) will use the platform on a daily base to give digital homework tasks. 

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