Sector Technology for educational publishing and e-learning
Target Users B2B (publishing companies, educational centers)
Country France
Dimension International
Nature of the initiative Private
  • Everlearn
Contact Achille Pinson


Everlearn is a recent spin-off of prepmyfuture.com (an online test prep company), founded in the summer of 2013. PrepMyFuture was founded in late 2010 and started building a GMAT online prep using an adaptive learning engine.

Everlearn has partnered with the publishing company Ellipses to create smart books for test preparation (TOEIC, TOEFL). The books are associated with a powerful adaptive e-learning platform that allows the students to track their performance and identify their weaknesses.


Business needs

Everlearn wants to help traditional education company in their shift to digital and personalised product by making its technology available to other companies (brick and mortar test prep companies, publishers, schools, corporate training companies).


There are three solutions identified by Everlearn:

  • Book and e-learning managed and publish from a Content ManagerContent storage and management is centralized in the content manager. From the content manager Everlearn creates/edits the content, performs quality control and publishes it in .pdf (ready to be transformed in a book) and in digital formats (e-learning, mobile app, e-book…);
  • Integration of the e-learning in the book. A dedicated QR code & URL is automatically included in every exercise of the book. It links to the e-learning and enables the reader to get associated media files (audio, video), study in exam conditions, get a score analysis and track his performance;
  • Tools for teachers that use book in classrooms. A teacher can follow the performance of his (her) classroom as well as give homework on the platform adapted to each student’s needs. The correction of the exercises is done directly by the platform which is a great time saver for the teacher.

The role of technology

The new technology is an adaptive e-learning that modulates itself to the level of the test taker and recommends exercises and lessons to strengthen weaknesses. The platform can be adapted for any content so it can offer a variety of products.
The other innovation is the generation of a designed and personalized book ready to by printed in one click from our content manager.

Every time a student interacts with the platform (read a lesson, do a exercise, use a hint) Everlearn computes that data in order to analyse his performance. This performance analysis enables to generate personalised exercises adapted to the students weakness. The difficulty of exercises will match the expertise of the student on a very granular level (ie: geometry questions will be adapted the student expertise in geometry). Everlearn also delivers lessons recommendation to each students.

Results obtained

Everlearn’s e-learning has proved its concept with the GMAT online preparation distributed by PrepMyFuture.com that has contracted partnership with several business schools in France.
The first smart book (200% TOEIC) is already finished and will be available in stores on April 2014, published by Ellipses.

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