Sector Digital libraries
Target Users Schools, universities, corporations, public entities, public libraries, families
Country France
Dimension International
Nature of the initiative Private
Contact Eric Briys


Since 2001 Cyberlibris pioneers the ‘streaming + all you can eat subscription’ model to e-books gathered in digital libraries. Cyberlibris has made this model available not only to institutions (universities, schools, libraries, corporations) but also to individuals. Smartlibris is the very first (worldwide) digital library ever made accessible to individuals on a streaming + all you can eat subscription model.

Business needs

Cyberlibris story started in 2001 with the observation that there were many things that print books could not do. For instance the fact that a given book can be read by one person at a time only. This prompted Cyberlibris to invent a new and simple way to access books: digital + web + streaming + all you can eat subscription. Three hundred international publishing houses and several hundreds clients have joined forces to make the dream come true. Cyberlibris is the only firm worldwide to offer a comprehensive offering of digital libraries spanning the educational/academic world, the corporate/government world and the family/people world.


Books in digital libraries are accessed online (streaming), full text once the all you can eat subscription is paid. Subscription is either institutional or individual. Users can set up personal shelves and can annotate, tag, highlight, comment books and share their bookshelves. Professors can for instance set up shelves for their students and public librarians can do the same for their patrons.

The role of technology

Technologies involve php, HTML5, Javascript, EPUB 3, CSS3, PDF, machine learning, data mining, information visualization techniques. The workflow is totally automated.

Results obtained

Cyberlibris services hundreds of institutions (universities, schools, libraries, corporations, banks) and thousands of families; its services are accessed worldwide by one million people.

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