Sector Children publishing
Target Users B2B Publishing Industry // B2C Families and schools
Country Spain
Dimension International
Nature of the initiative Private
Contact Sven Huber


Boolino, a tech start-up created in 2012 in Barcelona (Spain), wants to help parents to find online great books for their kids. According to Sven Huber, former Bertelsmann executive and founder of Boolino, “if you give kids access to relevant books – in terms of interest, reading level and quality – they are more motivated to read and more likely to become frequent readers. In the offline world, bookstores (especially children’s bookstores) and libraries do a fantastic job in guiding parents towards the most adequate books for their kids but – as parents – we were lacking a convincing online offering to find recommendations based on our needs and profile. Therefore, in 2012, Boolino was launched in the Spanish market to help parents discover online great books for their children.”

Since then, Boolino became the biggest reference online platform for children’s and YA books as well as an effective marketing channel for publishers in the Spanish market. As of today, more than 35 publishers (representing more than 80% of the Children’s and YA market) count on Boolino for their online marketing activities, from large groups like Penguin Random House, Grupo Planeta, Grupo Anaya/Hachette or Oxford University Press to small-medium-sized, independent publishers.

Business needs

After this initial success in Spain, Boolino has just launched its UK operations in beta version, making available its services also to UK publishers. According to Nielsen, 70% of UK children’s book buyers use social media, almost 60% use video sharing sites (YouTube), and one third of all children’s books are bought online, but only 10% of purchased books have been discovered online browsing on book sites or social media. As Cristina Puig, head of marketing, explains, “this gap is a huge challenge and opportunity for publishers. Boolino’s focus on content marketing to help parents and young readers discover online their next favourite book, allows publishers to improve the visibility of their books in online media channels.”


The primary goal of Boolino’s partnership program Boolino Partner is to make Boolino’s ecosystem of users, bloggers, schools, social media and email marketing campaigns accessible to publishers to support their online marketing activities. Boolino broadens publishers’ reach by broadcasting their catalogue throughout its multiple proprietary online channels as well as its extensive network of collaborating bloggers.

In addition, to offer even more tailored services, Boolino launched in 2015 Boolino Agency, the only online marketing agency specialized in children’s and young adult books that takes advantage from Boolino’s online ecosystem. Boolino’s aim is to become a one-stop-shop for publishers and their online launch campaigns, offering tailored projects with innovative solutions, including gaming elements and viral marketing campaigns, integrating online and offline point-of-sales promotions. See examples here:

In parallel to the UK launch, Boolino is currently also expanding into the German market, with the goal to become the leading international online platform focused on children’s and YA books and reading.

The role of technology

Boolino Index: the R&D team has developed a Google - like relevance algorithm based on a lineal regression iterative analysis that takes into consideration over 40 quantitative and qualitative characteristics as basis for our search algorithm.

Boolino search engine: Boolino high-performance semantic and fuzzy search engine enhances the user experience, using natural language processing to identify age range and subjects from search terms, returning as a result any type of content.

Blog monitoring: Around Boolino we are creating the largest ecosystem of people talking about children’s and youth books. Our philosophy of shared content from bloggers to Boolino and vice versa creates unprecedented marketing opportunities.

Personalization: Applying big data analysis and the “Persona” methodology, Boolino created a unique and personalized user experience: profile and content segmentation drive time on site and recurring visits ratio.

Reading tools: Boolino is developing unique products and services around books to foster children’s reading habit, launching innovative business models and new sales channels for the publishing industry.


In Spain Boolino works for the 80% of the industry on the B2B side. On the B2C side, we have reached 100,000 users at the end of 2015 and the website converts up to a 2%. In addition, it has developed a very successful subscription model, Boolino Book Box, with more than 1,500 subscribers, which show very loyal user behaviour.

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