Sector Mobile marketing
Target Users Publishers
Country France
Dimension International
Nature of the initiative Private
Contact Guillaume Michels
+33 6 69 94 68 29


Amplibook is a start-up providing marketing solutions for content publishers (book and magazines publishers, public and private institutions and self-published authors). The solution uses viral strategies and the power of social networks to increase visibility of publications. The products are cross-platform applications designed for smartphones, phablets and tablets distributed both on Android and iOS.


Business needs

The time spent reading books is going down due to increased competition from other types of entertainment (gaming, video) and the revenues generated from paper versions of books are stagnating or decreasing whilst revenues generated by digital versions of books are not yet compensating. In this context, it is increasingly difficult for authors, institutions and publishers to get noticed among the large amount of book releases and to have a long term impact (in France only, 65,000 books are released a year).

It is difficult for publishers to have a large reach on social media due to lack of skills, time and human resources. Traditional marketing techniques are not longer as efficient as they were and do not allow an acceptable calculation of Return On Investment.


Amplibook is the first integrated system to transform publications into viral apps for smartphones and tablets. Targeted at publishers, institutions and self-published authors, this solution migrates your publications onto fastest selling devices, increase their visibility exponentially by using readers' open graph and help generate more revenue from sales in both digital and paper forms.

  • It promotes reading and books where internet users spend their time -  social networks - and uses the same mass promotion weapons as other types of entertainment;
  • It eases books discovery and catches readers attention right on their mobile devices and when they can spend time discovering and reading your content;
  • It simplifies the user experience, allowing readers to buy your books in two clicks;
  • It allows content creators to make themselves noticed in an ever more crowded marketplace using collaborative promotion;
  • It allows a greater visibility on marketing budgets, better reporting and more detailed information on Return On Investment.

The role of technology

The Amplibook team converts publications into social mobile applications. These applications are made available on both the IOS and Android appstores.

Using 'freemium' and 'share to read' models, it multiplies opportunities for the content to be discovered, shared and bought easily straight on mobile devices. Applications embed connectors to leading social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google +).

Results obtained

  • Innovation Grant (Bourse Innovation)/ prize winner at the “Auverboost” competition;
  • First two customers secured (a large publisher in France and a self published author).

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